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Mamas! It takes a WHOLE NOTHER level of commitment to be fit as a mom. There's days it feels like the time it takes to plan a list, get yourself and the kids to the grocery store to make sure the house is stocked with items on your meal plan, let alone having the time to cook, weigh, measure and pack the meals.

AND we haven't even considered planning the time it takes away from the home to get your workout in. And what will you do with the kids while you workout?


TWO THINGS-FIRST AND FOREMOST in case no one else tells you today. We know the sacrifices it takes and acknowledge the strength it takes to get through the day as a mother. We see the efforts it takes to go the extra mile to run a healthy household. And you all-gym or not-are absolutely doing the best for your family and for that you're loved and appreciated.

SECOND-WE ARE HERE TO SUPPORT YOUR JOURNEY TO IMPROVED HEALTH FOR YOURSELF AND YOUR FAMILY. Wherever you are on the journey; avid healthy up at 5AM and home before the kids are up and everyone's meals are prepped and ready to go or more likely can't even fathom finding the time to workout. We are here for you and helping mamas and their families work towards improved health is something I am EXTREMELY PASSIONATE about (Cali ;))


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