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Day 1, you wake up, meals are prepped. Gym is scheduled. You’ve got a fire under your ass to crush the week.


There WILL still be donuts in the break room, your kids are STILL going to want you to make pizza, life happens. You’re going to get sick, tired, family might pass through a hard season. These are the days you have to rely on habits and WILLPOWER.


Willpower is like a muscle. Biologically, it’s a neural pathway you have to build. Right now, your willpower pathway might be the density of a single fine point pen. Every time you tell yourself “NO” to that single bite of donut or leftover pizza you draw another fine point line over the original. No, I won’t try a bite of Doritos, LINE. Finish that extra leftover ice cream the kids don’t want. LINE. You keep flexing that willpower and the pathway gets thicker and thicker until it’s the density of a wide point Sharpie. So. With that being said, YES it does get easier. Your willpower WILL get stronger!

However the brain is tricky like that-let’s say you’re a master justifier. I did extra walking today one bite of cookie won’t make me gain fat-and your probably right. But now, you’ve just told yourself it’s okay. Boom erase those lines. That’s a slippery slope to go down friends. Where do you draw the line and say it’s okay to cheat, i can do extra cardio or I’ll skip my next meal. RIGHT HERE, RIGHT NOW. Don’t bullshit yourself.

If you’re struggling REACH OUT. That’s why you have us, and that’s why we all have each other. Let’s get it


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