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Body Edifice-I'm Alexander Dimitsas

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Here's a little of my story. New Year's Day 2010, I stepped on the scale weighing an astonishing 330lbs. I had a difficult childhood with lack of nutritional guidance and access to nutritious foods & activity. As a young adult, I made a resolution that day to take control of my life physically and mentally. Morbid obesity had been the only lifestyle I had ever known.  I have fought the demons of loss with obesity, depression, addiction, drinking, smoking, you name it. Slowly I started to replace those addictions with my passion towards working out and using what I learned to help others. This is why I created Body Edifice and have such a personal and professional drive to support health behavior change. I have been on this journey for over 12 years growing so much personally and professionally along the way. I spend so much time learning how to optimize health I want to share my investments with a willing audience. This passion is now more important to me than ever as I lead a family of 2 young sons by example. I live everyday to show them how to be men, to inspire a healthy and prosperous family, and to always evolve.

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The Mindset Mogul-I'm Cali 

On the opposite side of the spectrum, as a young child I was forced to develop an advanced knowledge of health and nutrition being diagnosed with Type 1 (Juvenile) Diabetes at age 2, Celiac at 6, and hypothyroidism at 16. My mom always cared for me and encouraged me to pursue my athletic pursuits and not let any of my obstacles stand in the way of reaching my goals. I've been an athlete my whole life, going to play college softball briefly. My athletic background and childhood of developing a resilient mindset motivated me to want to learn and absorb all that I could about health and psychology and the interaction between the two, with the goal of spending my goal influencing others to engage in health behavior change. I got my personal training certification, my undergrad in psych, and went on to get my Master's in Sport & Health Psychology and become a licensed therapist to give me the necessary tools to be successful helping clients who wish to make changes.


We are a future husband/wife coaching team that love working together to bring both of our skills sets to offer you the best nutrition, workout, and mindset development coaching possible. We are committed to our personal and professional development and to bringing that passion to you to support your journey to #alwaysevolve. 

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