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We’re excited to be announcing we are opening back up another fitness challenge starting on 6/5. Our last program we had OVER 20 individuals commit to our plan and lost over 150lbs. We will be hosting another 12 week fitness challenge over the summer called “Summer Shred." The challenge entry will consistent of customized meal plans tailored to your specific goals, building, cutting, maintenance, etc. and meals will be updated every 2 weeks based on your progress. 6x weekly Strength Training workout programs for you which change every 4 weeks. All men do the same workouts, women different.

  • Access to a private Facebook group where Alexander and I share valuable fitness, workout, nutrition, mindset, and general support for personal and professional development content as often as possible. Members also provide one another with support and solidarity to help one another accomplish their goals. We share our struggles and our successes and use one another for valuable feedback.

  • Supplementation Guidelines

  • Mindset Training-We have a licensed mental health therapist with her Masters in Sport and health psychology to provide the mental support required to meet your goals. Anyone can write a diet to have you lose fat…the discipline and habits formed to change your life long term are what’s required for long term health.

What’s required from you:

  • Weekly weigh-ins.

  • Every 2 weeks photo updates are requested.

  • Gym/Home Workouts.

  • Grocery Shopping and Meal Prep.

We are MORE THAN HAPPY to problem solve any concerns (vegetarian, allergies, home gym, etc.) you may have! Let’s evolve together!!!


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